Genealogy Podcasts

A great way to keep up with genealogy news, in addition to Twitter and blogs, is by listening to genealogy podcasts. Podcasts are great to listen to as you do chores, commute, or settle in for a quiet evening.

I'm always looking for more to listen to and open to recommendations! All of these are available via iTunes, so you can download and listen on the go. Their sites offer other mediums through which you can listen to episodes (such as Podbean, Stitcher, Blogtalk Radio, etc.).

Here are the ones I currently keep up with and that have new episodes on a regular basis:

Ancestral Findings - short weekly episodes (under 10 minutes) with interesting tidbits about how to enhance your research

Extreme Genes - an hour-long weekly show with a variety of news stories and advertisements

Family Tree Magazine Podcast - an hour-long monthly round-up of tips from the magazine

The Forget-Me-Not Hour - an hour-long podcast with a general genealogical topic once a month and a New York State-specific topic once a month. Going on hiatus until perhaps 2018, but check out her archives!

The Genealogy Gems Podcast - an hour-long monthly podcast with news, tips and interviews

The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection - an hour-long every-other-week show with news, tips and interviews

The Genealogy Happy Hour - a half-hour podcast every other month about specific genealogical topics

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