Genealogy Projects

These are some genealogical projects in which I am personally involved:

The Rogue Genealogist

The Rogue Genealogist is a collaborative effort between Kassie Nelson and Wendy Callahan to create a genealogy community like no other, a different kind of community for a different kind of genealogist. A place for rebels, misfits, outsiders, and dreamers to grow as researchers, find support, and have their voices heard. 

The Society of Descendants of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, Massachusetts

Wendy has served as newsletter editor for the Bartlett Society since January 2007 and is currently in the process of developing a new website - as well as social media - as she steps into the role of digital media web developer (or webmaster, if you prefer) for the Society. All descendants of Robert Bartlett, as well as other Bartletts, are welcome to join.

Hawksley DNA Project

Please join and share your DNA results if you are a Hawksley male!